Jorge – Cuculino

Finally happening! Publishing the first song I recorded in Peru. It was recorded in an abandoned church on a plateau above the Sacred valley, near Cusco, played beautifully by Jorge Choquehuillca. It was the last song of our little ad hoc concert and the only take. Hope you like it!

Liveact at RadArt #10, Ljubljana

Liveact at RADART #10: X/L Experiment: Radio Factory, Ljubljana, 7th May, 2019
10th performative art-radio happening of Open research platform RADAR of Radio Student. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Radio Student that started broadcasting on 9th of May, 1969 and where I spent almost a decade. Radio Student – my first music academy.

Paper presentation at ICTM simposium, Lisbon

Paper presentation

Worldly Music: The Imagination of Sound and the Imagination of Instrumental Music Markets

at the 22nd symposium of ICTM study group Musical Instruments at the Institute of Ethnomusicologia at the Faculdade de Ciencias Sociais e Humanas, Lisbon Portugal 10-13 Apr 2019

Sound of Belgrade

Sound of Belgrade. Hunting for atmospheres during finishing stages of post production for a feature film Opération Opéra by Marina Radmilac.

Nepal Film Festival

At this year’s 8th edition of the International Folk Music Film Festival – Nepal, Kathmandu, ‘Bagpipes and Drums’ will be screened on 23rd of November.

Music Culture: Macedonian
Director, Writer & Cameraperson: Andrej Kocan
Original film languages: Macedonian
Filmmaker’s country: Slovenia
Competition film

Check out the festival if you are in the neighbourhood!


Prague Liveact

Far East Sketches
audiovideo performance led by Andrej Kocan
video prepared and manipulated by Darrell Jónsson
21 September 2018, 9:30 pm
Location: Urban Space Epics Studio, Meet Factory, Prague

This audiovisual work fuses music made and recorded in local, mostly indigenous, communities around the world with western music. Thus the finished productions contrast the work and feel of musics made in local communities with that made in and for postmodern, industrialized societies. These presentations evoke in the audience awareness of and reflection on fast transformations currently at work in the world. By listening to, and flowing with, these changes, a track or path for spiritual travel emerges, and invites the listener to travel across time, space and states of mind and feeling.

Interview at the Radiostudent

 V drugi oddaji finala sezone četrtkovih jutranjih programov v studiu gostimo Andreja Kocana, tonskega mojstra v v skupini za produkcijo dokumentarnega programa na slovenski nacionalni televiziji, ki je svojo poklicno pot kot tonski tehnik in glasbeni sodelavec pričel na naši radijski postaji, nadaljeval pa s študijem za tonskega mojstra na Akademiji za glasbo v Kopenhagnu ter na Šanhghajskem konzervatoriju za glasbo.

Povezava na Radio Študent