Macedonian echo from Jesenice

And here my first movie on a Macedonian bagpiper, this one living on Slovenia. It entered an official selection at the Ethnographic film festival Kratovo, Macedonia. On a roadtrip to the festival I found another bagpiper living in his native environment and together...

Bagpipes and Drums

Please check out my new video! In a remote village in Macedonia lives a bagpiper who is still keeping the tradition alive. His spirit is high, although his music is rarely heard these days. He speaks about how it used to be and plays a couple of old local songs. If...

The Other Side of China trailer

Filmed in China, mostly minorities of Yunnan and their music, with additional improvisation on guqin and Kazakh songs recorded in Shanghai. It is a part of experimental work of exploring traditional musics of the world and trying to bring it to the general audiences...

Lu Xiaozi – improvisations on Guqin

As my roommate in the dorm was a student of the guqin I was lucky to learn from him many details about this music, the style, the performance practice and philosophy behind it.

Kazakh folk song – Akbayan

The ending of my one year exchange in China was approaching very fast when I saw a big poster announcing a concert of minority music held at the Conservatory and I decided I should not miss it.

Armenian Liturgy

I came to Lviv, a multicultural city in the westernmost part of Ukraine, in an overnight bus from Warsaw. I was visiting Natalia Polovynka, one of the truly amazing singers of traditional Ukrainian songs. On my way to my hostel, exhausted as I was, I forgot my...

Japanese traditional music

A performance reflecting mutual influences between Japan and China lead by Shin-ichi Sakata, a professor, Qin master and multi instrumentalist.